What is cohousing?

Cohousing is a type of intentional community consisting of privately-owned homes with variety of shared amenities and a strong emphasis on community-building.

Cohousing communities generally consist of private, small, but fully-equipped homes, a community building (or common house) and recreation areas. Everything is designed and managed by the residents who have chosen to live in a close-knit neighborhood that seeks a healthy blend of privacy and community.

Are you guys some sort of commune?

No, we privately own our homes.  There is no shared ideology at Shadowlake Village besides building a friendly and fun place to live. 🙂

Are their HOA dues?

Yes, but since we do most of the work ourselves and act as our own HOA, we keep the costs low.

Do you have common meals together?

Yes, and like all community events they are voluntary.  We share meals two nights a week at our 5500 sq foot Common House.  On Wednesdays nights we have a potluck and on Sunday nights 3 people from the community cook for anyone who signs up.  The ~$5.00 per adult cost covers the cost of food.  The industrial kitchen in our Common House makes it a relatively easy place to cook and clean!

Are there any folks who rent rooms?

Yes.  There are a limited number of homes that have house-sharing opportunities.

Are there any other activities?

Whether it be a work party to maintain our 33 acres, a Happy Hour under the shade structure, or an informal group of folks going for a bike ride, there are lots of ways to get to know your neighbors.  Check out more neighborhood activities.