For Rent

Shadowlake Village (SLV) permits whole house rentals as well as house sharing. House sharing is an arrangement where renters have their own private room and share common spaces with homeowners. Please note that the Town of Blacksburg does not permit rentals of self-contained sections of houses at SLV.

The first step of renting at Shadowlake Village is to contact Molly at to get a tour and learn the unique aspects of living in a cohousing community.

Individuals who live at SLV are not just renting space. They are choosing to invest in an intentional community and participate in the shared stewardship of our community, land and shared facilities.

Once you get a tour you can request to be added to the rental waiting list. Those on the waiting list receive early notification of homes for rent.

Please email Molly at if you would like to get on the rental waiting list.