Plan C

One-story duplex

"C" plan used for a pair of duplexed homes.


The pair of duplexed homes shown above both use the C plan, with a slight variation. Both have an open plan kitchen plus dining-area and living-room on one long side, and 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms on the other long side.

The variation is the location of the kitchen. One of the homes (shown schematically at left) has its kitchen in the middle. The other puts the kitchen at the front so that the dining area and living room are one continuous open space.

C plan: 2 bedrooms on one level with 9' ceilings, no basement.

  1. 2 bedrooms and 2 baths on one story

  2. Has 9' ceilings, giving a spacious feeling -- the other plans have 8' ceilings as standard

  3. Has an exterior storage shed (6' by 11') and back deck

  4. 1,064 sq ft, all finished, on a 28' by 38' footprint

  5. Includes one handicapped-accessible bathroom